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Image matters, no really it does. And let’s be honest, there are more contractors than contracts at the moment, so getting yourself noticed is more important than ever. But when you’re spending all your time making yourself look good, you’re not actually working. And that’s where Werxco fits in to your marketing plan; we’re experts at making you look good, and best of all, we do this whilst you are out at work, doing what you enjoy and most importantly earning money.

Our business started in 2003 with the acquisition of a traditional sign making business which was quickly transformed by embracing digital printing technology, offering vibrant photo quality printing and fast turnaround times. Further expansion led to the purchase of a computerised multi-head embroidery machine and garment printing systems, which established the workwear division of the business. After moving to our new premises our second phase of investment resulted in the addition of high quality creative artworking services and high quality litho printing to our portfolio.

Our offering is truly unique to our industry and we keep our prices low by cutting out the middle men in our supply chains, not compromising on quality and we produce 95% of our products in-house, using our own skilled craftsmen and our own tools. Ask the question to your current supplier, how much do they produce and how much of the work you pass them is outsourced? Our view is that outsourcing is inefficient and much prefer to keep our processes in house, ensuring minimal overheads and affordable prices.

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New Website Coming Soon!

Here at Werxco we have some exciting news! Work on our amazing new website is well underway and is coming soon!

Building on our recent success, we have decided to reinvigorate and improve the website. The new site will not only look great, it'll be easier to navigate around, it'll perform far better and most importantly of all, the user experience for our valued customers will be much much smoother.

We'll keep you all updated as the launch of the new website moves closer - so watch this space!